More good news for those of you still looking for a copy of Scrooge in your stores: Best Buy shows some copies available on their website for $12.99 (just click the photo above to place your order)! Some stores advise that you check the site first for price and availability before coming in to the store, as they do not give such information over the phone (you can also view availability and store locations by following the link above). According to the site information, the vinyl and double CD editions will be available on April 22nd.

A quick heads-up for those of you in the States looking for a copy of The Life and Times of Scrooge in your stores: right now, Barnes & Noble has a release date listed for April 22nd, so they will not be carrying it in their stores until then. Web searches at Target and Walmart do not show any copies being sold at this time. We will continue to keep searching and keep you posted on where you can find your copy of Scrooge at your local retailers!

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