Wow, what a cool picture of Tuomas! But wait…looks can be deceiving! In fact, this is not Tuomas at all. This is Nestori Lönngrén, a Tuomas doppelganger that looks so much like the Maestro that he caused rumors to spread like wildfire at the 2012 concert in Helsinki when he was spotted in the crowd, was mistaken for Tuomas, and convinced fans that the Maestro himself was sitting in the crowd among them!

While he has been nicknamed the “Tuomas clone”, it is not certain whether Nestori is a professional Tuomas impersonator; but no doubt he has caused a few fans to take a second look whenever he is out on the streets of Helsinki.  Not only does he bear a striking resemblance to Tuomas, but Nestori also shares some other features beyond outside appearance. Not only are they both of Finnish descent, but they are also both musicians and also both play keyboards, and they are both huge fans of Scrooge McDuck! It is said that everyone on earth has a twin, and it appears Tuomas’ has been found! 

Thanks to Nightwish Brasil for the information.


Thanks to those of you who wrote to correct us about the photo with Floor and the dog. Apparently it is not Floor’s dog, but Tero’s dog. Thanks to Sweetheart627 and Eilenna for spotting this grievous error. Sometimes when sharing articles from other websites that are not predominantly in English, certain things get lost in the translation! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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